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With a vision to blossom your health, it inspires us to bring the philosophy of ‘Vissom’ to life. Knowing that ‘Nutrition’ is a critical part of our health, good nutrition can help improve our well-being, physically and mentally. 

Vissom Nutrition
Knowing that better nutrition results in better health, Vissom Nutrition was therefore born out of such a ‘healthy’ notion. And we are on a mission to make this world a better place, by advocating good health and good life.
Who needs Respi-Live?
Respi-Live is suitable for people from all walks of life, whether young or old, slender or large, able-bodied or living with a chronic illness - for lung health protection and strengthening.
Who needs Vitamin C Plus?
Vitamin C Plus is suitable for individuals who are not consuming enough vitamin C-rich foods or those suffering from certain conditions.
What is Respi-Live?
Respi-Live is a natural health supplement that combines multiple valuable medicinal herbs in a single capsule to work synergistically to strengthen our respiratory system and body immunity, making the maintenance of our overall body health be simple and classic.
What is a Vitamin C Plus Tablet?
Vitamin C Plus Tablet is a powerful immune booster. It provides vitamin C [500mg], zinc [7.5mg], selenium [0.1mg] and vitamin D3 [500IU], supporting your overall body health and life quality, making being healthy and staying healthy has never been easier and more convenient.
What is Livalive?
Livalive capsule is a combination of various high-antioxidant ingredients that help maintain good liver health. It contains Hovenia Dulcis Berry extract, which has detoxification elements that can help reduce alcohol-induced liver harm and symptoms of hangover.
What is Neurolive?
With ingredients that are beneficial for neurological health, Neurolive capsule is able to alleviate symptoms such as tingling, numbness, sharp pain, and cold hands and feet. It also helps enhance blood circulation, provide neuroprotection and support neuroregeneration.
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